Every business is unique when it comes to ventilation needs. That’s why we’ll design, supply and install an energy-efficient system which suits your premises and operations perfectly.

This includes everything from selecting the right systems, to placing the vents in precise locations for maximum circulation. With that, you’ll have the cleanest, purest air in your working environment for the most cost-effective price.

Your ventilation system will be specifically designed to tackle your own indoor air environment. It will extract stagnant air and replace it with fresh air which is cleansed of dust, allergens, dust, airborne bacteria and odour. With considerably improved air quality, every breath will be more refreshing and healthier.

Commercial ventilation systems in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Scotland

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Sourcing the perfect ventilation system

With energy-efficient ventilation systems from leading manufacturers, you can experience the highest standard of air quality every minute of the day along with maximum reliability and low operating costs.

At PREAH, we can also supply one of the latest Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems. This gives you free heating by extracting the warm air from wet rooms, such as kitchens & bathrooms, and then using a heat exchanger to transfer the heat to warm the incoming fresh air supply.

Advanced systems to suit your operations

You can take advantage of the latest technology to suit specialist ventilation needs:

  • UV air filtration to kill airborne bacteria
  • Grease air filters
  • Particle/allergy filters
  • Advanced temperature/flow control
  • Humidity control

We’ve Been Chosen To Provide Installations For: