Better Building Services

    Mechanical services renewal of Multi-floor office premises, located in South Lanarkshire.

    Client: akp Scotland
    Location: Blantyre, South Lanarkshire
    Sector: Office
    Contract period: 12 months
    The project
    Aspect House consisted of refurbishment of a four-storey office block, with the majority of the mechanical services being renewed in their entirety. 
    To summarise our works, please note the following:
    • Decant and strip-out of existing services
    • Design of Mechanical Services
    • Plumbing systems upgrade
    • New Mitsubishi Electric VRF systems (126Nr Indoor Units)
    • New primary and secondary Ventilation systems
    • Building Management System upgrade
    • HVAC commissioning & client handover
    Our expertise
    PREAH were involved from early tender stage through to completion and handover, with our expertise being utilised on the HVAC systems to provide precision engineering solutions at a cost-effective price to our client akp Scotland.
    The challenges:
    Due to the various challenges associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, the project was compressed into multiple areas of the project being delivered simultaneously. In a large-scale commercial office this clearly provided challenges for all parties.
    One critical work sequence for this project was the removal and replacement of all HVAC roof plant equipment over the course of one weekend. This took careful planning and execution from our team. The positioning of the new air conditioning condensing units can be seen in the enclosed photograph.