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    Works to the existing chiller water system for Radisson Blu Hotel in Glasgow, part of the international Radisson Hotels chain.


    Client: Pandox / Radisson Blu
    Location: Glasgow
    Sector: Hospitality
    Contract period: 2 months


    Brief Summary 

    Our works on this project consisted of replacing the existing chiller plant and chilled water pump. The chiller plant was located externally on the roof and the chilled water pump was located within the pumphouse also on the roof. Once the plant items were landed in their final locations, we were then contracted to connect these items with pipework, electrical supply and automatic controls to ensure they were operating correctly. The final works on site were to carry out trace heating and insulation works to the new chilled water pipework. 


    The project

    Radisson Blu Hotel, Glasgow consisted of works to the existing chiller water system. Works included craning off the existing chiller plant and installing a new chiller and chilled water pump serving the hotel.


    Service provision

    • Chilled Water Services

    • Arc Welding

    • Electrical

    • Automatic Controls

    • Insulation and Trace Heating


    Our expertise

    PREAH were involved with Butler Consulting Engineers from the tender stage, carrying out site surveys to ensure the works were understood and could be carried out as the design team planned. Our expertise was utilised on many fronts during this project, from arc welding to liaising directly with the hotel to ensure the project was completed successfully. Communication is key with a project like this when working in a live hotel situation and ensuring the maintenance team are kept informed when critical tasks are being carried out.


    The challenges

    One critical work sequence for this project was the removal and replacement of the chiller plant over the day at a weekend. This took careful planning and execution from our team. The lifting of the new chiller plant can be seen in the attached photograph. As the project is located on the busy Argyle Street in Glasgow city centre, a road closure was required which again brought its own challenge to ensure works were completed within the planned duration.

    Works were also carried out whilst the hotel was live, so careful consideration and planning had to be taken when carrying out works and liaising directly with the hotel maintenance team to ensure no areas of the hotel were affected.